from October 01, 2022 (subject to change)


  • Entry25€
  • 5-time package110€
  • 10-time package200€

Cubicle First Floor

  • Entry29€
  • 5-time package125€
  • 10-time package240€
  • Co-use*17€

Cubicle Ground Floor

  • Entry32€
  • 5-time package135€
  • 10-time package260€
  • Co-use*17€

VIP Cubicle

  • VIP Cubicle49€
  • Co-use*31€


  • Weekend Pass

    (Fr, Sa, Su)

    1 Entry per day

  • Late Entry (Sun-Fri)

    (10 PM)

  • Late Entry (Sat)

    (10 PM)

  • Students

    (with ID up to 28 years)

  • Under 25

    (with ID)


Daily Offers

  • Monday-Offer
    4€ discount on a regular entry

  • Double-Date


    Each regular entry gets a free entry the following Tuesday

  • PlanetRomeo-Day**


    6€ discount on a regular entry

  • Couples-Day


    2 Persons: 20€
    Singles: 16€

Each entry includes 1 bath towel. Each additional bath towel costs 1,- Euro. Rental slippers, in various sizes, are 2,- Euro.

Various accessories (lube, etc.) are available at the front desk. Free condoms are available at the reception desk or at each bars.

All prices are in EURO and include all taxes and duties.

Pricelist effective 10.10.2019

* Entitled to additional use of a full price cubicle. No second key will be handed out. Max. 2 persons per cubicle.

** Every wednesday members of our PlanetRomeo-group get a 6€ discount on a regular entry if they mention the code word at the reception desk. Link to our group on PlanetRomeo: kaiserbruendl (a PlanetRomeo-account is needed.)